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Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangkok

MSP Clinic is the leading and most experienced Scalp Micro Pigmentation company in Bangkok, Thailand. Our Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedures also know as SMP and rated amoungst the best in the world. Our prices for our Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedures in Bangkok are cheaper than most other SMP service providers or shops offering the SMP procedure. Although we are cheaper, we still offer the same world class quality SMP procedures that one would expect from United States of American, United Kingdom or Australia. Our procedures are a highly advanced cosmetic hair replication and not a scalp tattoo or hair tattoo which is offered by some tattoo parlors or beauty salons in Bangkok, Thailand. Sadly, due to the fact that there are many people in Bangkok wanting a Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure but do not do any research about the SMP procedure, end up going to a tattoo shop or beauty parlor/salon who will use the wrong ink and machinery for the procedure. Using the incorrect SMP equipment will result in the follicle dot sizes to be very large and look completely un-natural. MSP Clinic uses the correct needle sizes and machinery made specifically for SMP procedures and therefore we are able to offer a very ralistic looking Scalp Micro Pigmenattion procedure. We also fix many failed ot botched-up procedures from Clients in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.  Contact us for more detalis at: info@mspclinic.com



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